Page 8 - Annual Report 2014-2015
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Mr.Ralph APPEL/ Vice-President of FEANI
How important will the profession of engineers be in the future? What kind of technical and social changes do we face? What are the challenges in front of young engineers?
When I  rst got elected into the role of Vice President in FEANI, the oldest and largest European Federation of National Engineering Associations, it was the beginning of an exciting journey into the future. None of us had any de nitive answer to the questions we raised or could tell with certainty how the engineering world is going to change. What was certain however is that it was not going to stand still, but will only continue to evolve – think alone of the digital transformation that lies in front of us today, often referred to as “Industry 4.0”. We in the FEANI have an opportunity to steer this development into the right direction and support it from the engineer´s perspective. So, over the recent years, I have come to appreciate very highly our collective work, the various discussions and decisions, and above all the desire to move the engineering sciences forward at the European level.
We do not yet know how speci cally the engineering profession is going to evolve, but we do know who will play the main role in that evolution: the next generation, our young engineers. From the beginning of my work with FEANI, it has been my and our objective to support and to encourage our future engineers. This has not changed. On the contrary: especially at times when, for example the digital change is starting to have such great in uence on the world in which we work and live, it is enormously

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