Page 78 - Annual Report 2014-2015
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We were also seeking for the applicants for future issuing of Engineering Cards. And we see now at least two groups of potential clients. The  rst one is Masters, who will graduate from technical universities. That is why we organized a number of meetings with rectors of in Kiev; Kharkov; Vinnitsa; Nikolaev; Odessa and other cities. The second group are the 40,000 charted civil engineers in Ukraine. The majority of them are seeking for future European licenses. That is why we started the negotiations with ECEC and ECCE authorities that Ukrainian Engineering Cards should be the initial step for future European license for civil engineers.
2. Realization all formal procedures: Ukraine passed all formal procedures during 2015 for starting issuing FEANI products, namely:
- Prepared formal request of Ukraine for full membership on FEANI GA in Lisbon;
- There was presentation of Ukrainian system of technical education on FEANI EMC meeting in Brussels (June, 2015), which was supplied by 30-pages survey;
- We attracted honorable persons as National Monitoring Committee members. There are following gentlemen among them: Prof. Dmitry Golovko, rector emeritus of Kiev National University of Technology and Design; Prof. Anatoly Dovgopoly, ex-deputy Minister of Defense; Mr. Edward Kuznetsov, adviser of General Director of State Space Agency of Ukraine and others;
- Prof. Vladimir Parkhomenko, rector of University, ex-Minister of education and science of Ukraine, was elected as Chairman of NMC of Ukraine
- Two agreements (with Ministry of education and science of Ukraine and with FEANI) were signed for the formal start of the process.
3. EUR ACE implementation: Ukraine has 56 technical universities. All these universities were joined in the Association of rectors of technical university of Ukraine (ARTU). Cooperation with ARTU is the important part of USEAU activity. Together we organized a seminar “European certi cation of engineers: Engineering Card and Quality Assurance”. We also agreed that accredi- tation of engineering programs in Ukraine will be realized in two steps: a) INDEX; b) EUR ACE. Independent Center for accreditation of engineering education was created with our support. We already started preparing application for ERASMUS+ project connected with the subject and negotiations with ENAEE/EMC authorized persons for implementation of our ideas. 

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