Page 77 - Annual Report 2014-2015
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                          Ukrainian National FEANI Committee (USEAU)
Year of Adhesion : 2014
Member associations: 23
Ukraine - Tel: +38 (044) 272 14 61 - Fax: +38 (044) 272 42 44
    USEAU was elected as FEANI provisional member in October, 2014. Since that time our team applied our efforts for FEANI products implementation in Ukraine. We concentrated our activities in three directions, namely: (i) to attract more allies; (ii) to realize all formal procedures; (iii) to push the implementation of EUR ACE as the next step after INDEX.
Prof. Vladimir Parkhomenko, Chairman of Ukrainian NMC, presents the concept of certi cation of engineers in Ukraine
Below is short description of our activities in these three directions.
1. Dissemination of information about FEANI product in
Ukraine: As we promised on FEANI GA, USEAU returned on its leading position in engineering community of Ukraine. During 2015 we are continuing to attract
technical association under our umbrella. We have agree- ments for membership/cooperation with all leading technical societies. Total number for today is 23. There the following ones among them: Aerospace society of Ukraine; Nuclear society of Ukraine; Society of drilling engineers of Ukraine; Chamber of civil engineers and others.
We also spread information to the government (Ministry of Education and Science of Ukraine; State Space Agency of Ukraine; National Academy of Sciences of Ukraine and etc.); and to the business (a number of large companies in the following sectors: metallurgy; electric power; gas/oil transportation; airspace and largest association of entre- preneurs in Ukraine).
Letter of Intent signing by (from left to right) Prof. B. Remaud, President of ENAEE, Prof. M. Zgurovsky, Head of ARTU, Mr. D. Bochar, FEANI General Secretary, Dr. N. Kiryukhin, President of USEAU.

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