Page 70 - Annual Report 2014-2015
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title Aerospace Engineering in Europe in light of the EHEA. Professional Accreditation was able to count on the partic- ipation of Lars FUNK, President of the EMC.
For SNC it is most important to help the engineers coming out of Spain and inform them of how to approach and solve problems they may encounter outside their country.
The Spanish National Committee of FEANI has offered a tribute to one of its experts from the National Accreditation Committee
Jose Maria Ramirez, the head of the National Committee on Accreditation in Spain, which has been developing the work of analysis and recognition of Eur. Ing. Applications for 28 years, has been awarded by the Spanish National Committee. They thanked him for his extensive experience since 1988 in managing the EUR ING records. Also, it has been reminded that, at the same time, the Spanish representation was completed in the FEANI through the 2 associations IIE and INGITE, currently represent the conjunction of engineering in Spain, working under the FEANI umbrella, for advancement, recognition, mobility and global convergence of engineering professionals.

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