Page 69 - Annual Report 2014-2015
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                          Comite Nacional Español de la FEANI
Year of Adhesion : 1952
Estimated number of engineers: 65 000
Number of EUR INGs: 3 877
Member associations: The FEANI national member for Spain is the Comite Nacional Espanol de la FEANI. It is constituted by eight delegates, belonging to IIE (4) and INITE (4), and represents the Spanish engineering profession, as a whole, in FEANI. Both member bodies have close connections with technical universities, governmental institutions and industry, either directly or through the associations or federations pertaining to each institute.
General Arrando, 38 - E-28010 Madrid
Tel: + 34 91 308 4652 - Fax: + 34 91 308 4652 -
    For the Spanish National Committee is a priority to promote professionals of Spanish engineering in Europe enabling their mobility and showing the quality of their training, as well as stimulating the development of indicators on the adaptation of the teachings of the various branches of engineering in Spain, in the context of the current situation in Europe, with particular emphasis on continuous profes- sional training (CPD).
A survey on Continuous Professional Development has been sent out in June to the EUR INGs, as well as to small
and medium enterprises, and it had great success and participation.
Since its inception, the committee addresses a large number of activities, ranging from the organization to planning the operation of the various management activ- ities of the respective commissions.
In 2015, the SNC of FEANI has changed its governing board and now it consists of the President José J. Medina, Luis M. Tomas, Ruben Pulido López, Raquel Esteban, Juan Blanco, Fco. Javier Gonzalez, Rafael Monsalve and David Sedano.
In 2015 the NMC has submitted to study and subse- quently to approval degrees in aerospace engineering, civil engineering and engineering of telecommunication technologies. A total of 44 universities have been approved, which had been endorsed by the EMC and included in the INDEX. During 2014 - 2015 a total of 57 requests for EUR INGs have been approved.
The INGITE (Graduate Institute and Technical Engineers of Spain) held a conference with the Foundation under the

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