Page 68 - Annual Report 2014-2015
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Establishment of the registration committee for the engineering card at SIZ – in 2015 we have been involved in the preparation of all necessary activities for the estab- lishment of the Registration Board, which is required for quality assurance and transparency in awarding engineering cards in Slovenia. We managed to get members into the registration board from the University of Ljubljana, University of Maribor, the Slovenian Chamber of Commerce and four members of the SIZ. NC SI FEANI has also prepared the Handbook of Procedures for the work of the registration committee.
FEANI INDEX - In accordance with the agreement reached at the meeting of the Central Group FEANI in 2013 in Maribor, we carried out all the activities and managed to enroll into FEANI INDEX all engineering programs from the University of Ljubljana and University of Maribor (missing programs will be appointed at a meeting of the EMC at the end of February 2016). Graduates of the programs which are in the FEANI INDEX have so far the right to obtain the title EUR ING and to obtain the engineering card.
Financing NC SI FEANI – Slovenia has to pay an annual fee for 2016 for FEANI € 4,458.00.
NC SI FEANI work plan for 2016
Indicative work plan is based on the decisions of SIZ and requirements of FEANI in Brussels.
Key activities in 2016 can be summarized in the points:
1. establishment of the Registration Board at the SIZ for the activities required by the NMC,
2. the  nal establishment of the awarding system for the engineering card,
3. promotion of engineering cards and the Register of engineers in Slovenia,
4. promotion of the title EUR ING in Slovenia,
5. tracking the changes in university engineering programs at the University of Ljubljana and University
of Maribor, and their updating in FEANI INDEX,
6. preparation for changes of rules for the assessment of engineering programs. EMC procedures are increasingly converging with the procedures prescribed in ENAEE (European Network for Accreditation of Engineering
7. participation in the bodies of SIZ,
8. participation in the organs of FEANI (ExBo, GA and
EMC). 

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