Page 67 - Annual Report 2014-2015
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                          Slovenian National Committee for FEANI
Year of Adhesion : 1996
Estimated number of engineers: 10 460
Number of EUR INGs: 104
Member associations: The  rst interdisciplinary society of engineers was formed in Slovenia in 1911. In 1945, engineers and technicians united into the joint Association of Engineers and Technicians of Slovenia and now is changed in The Slovenian Engineers Association which has been working from then.
Zidovska 1 - SI-2000 Maribor
Tel: +386 2 250 13 23 - Fax: +386 2 250 13 24
    Activities in FEANI in Brussels:
The EMC (European Monitoring Committee) meet in March, June, October and December. Meetings were attended by the Slovenian representative prof. dr. Marko JagodiČ.
From the Slovenian side were under consideration two applications for obtaining the title EUR ING, and applica- tions from the University of Ljubljana, Biotechnical Faculty, for the following programs: Forestry and Renewable Forest Resources, Woodworking, Woodworking Engineering, and Agriculture – Zootechnology, presented for enrolment in the FEANI INDEX. Both applications for the acquisition of the title EUR ING have been returned for completing to the applicants.
The four programs of the Biotechnical Faculty have been enrolled into the FEANI INDEX.
In October 2015, the NMC has prepared the applications for the University of Maribor interdisciplinary programs Mechatronics:  rst cycle,  rst cycle vocational and second cycle program, and the University of Ljubljana, Faculty of Civil Engineering and Geodesy, the program Technical Real Estate Management. All four programs will be discussed at
the meeting of the EMC at the end of February 2016 and it is expected to be adopted in the FEANI INDEX.
All the preparation of relevant documents, statistics and analyses for EMC of all the programs and applications for the EUR ING title are processed by the NC-SI FEANI Committee NMC.
Activities in Slovenia:
ERASMUS projects - since autumn 2015, NC SI FEANI participates in the project with the number: 2015-1-DE02- KA202-002274, entitled "Creation of a system for the documentation and validation of non-formal and informal learning". The project involves: Gotlih Karl (NC SI FEANI, Maribor), Thomas Kiefer (VDI), Krstelj Vjera (HIS), Alfredo Soeiro (U.Porto), Vidovencova Zora (CSVTS), Bochar Dirk (FEANI). The project is managed by VDI in Germany.
Together with of cers from Rimini (Italy), we had competed the application for the ARIANNA project entitled "DEVELOP A EUROPEAN AREA OF SKILLS AND PROFESSIONAL Quali cations of Engineers." The project was not approved, but the Italian partners have invited us to participate again in the year 2016.

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