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 The above mentioned projects will continue in the coming years. They are supported by Engineering Chamber of Republic Serbia, Center for Promotion of Science of Republic Serbia and waterworks (water supply) organi- zations in more than 20 municipalities in Serbia. Also, the Generalized HACCP (GHACCP) System is protected in The Intellectual Property Of ce of Republic Serbia. In our opinion it is more powerful and convenient tool for maintaining drinking-water safety than the WSP (Water Safety Plan) developed by WHO. The GHACCP system could be applied to all risky systems.
Every year the UETS traditionally held international scienti c conference "Water and Sewerage". Round table (discussion), which was held in October 2015 at the 36th International Conference "Water and Sewerage", was dedicated to activities related to the implementation of The Protocol on Water and Health in Serbia.
Increase of energy ef ciency in Serbia is one of the priority tasks. Sector of electric lighting offers great opportunities for increasing energy ef ciency due to the rapid devel- opment of LED technology. Nowadays LED lighting is still expensive and has relatively little application in the domain of electric lighting. However, it is anticipated that LED products would soon greatly transform the electric lighting market. In recent years, LED technology has signif- icantly improved, and constantly evolving. It is expected that advanced and future LED bulbs / lamps to be getting cheaper and with a better technical characteristics and that they will soon be dominant on the lighting market. Serbia must prepare for the LED future, creating appro- priate legislation and promotion of appropriate incentive measures. The UETS is the driving force of this initiative and in the upcoming period will work on establishing all necessary resources for its implementation.
In order to solve the problems in the  eld of water quality, the DC UETS has developed seminar Sustainable development and water - how to preserve resources and improve safety and quality of drinking water to improve
the knowledge in the  eld of safety and quality of drinking water for population and employees in the municipalities in Serbia. Special attention in the seminar is paid to: the Protocol on water and health, national policy and strategy in the water sector, integrated water resources management, and the engineering methodologies for improving safety and quality of drinking water.
In April 2015, the UETS, in collaboration with German Society for International Cooperation (GIZ) GmbH (Deutsche Gesellschaft für Internationale Zusammenarbeit), has conducted the seminar: "Improving the quality and relia- bility of the work in schools by applying management standards", as support to GIZ Project: "Reform of Vocational Education and Training in Serbia". The partici- pants were managers (directors) and assistant managers (directors) from 12 secondary schools, participating in GIZ Project. Each school participating in the seminar has received one (1) CD with the seminar’s lectures. Also each school has received as a gift from The UETS the book COST ENGINEERING (authors: M. NakiĆenoviĆ, P. JovanoviĆ, Z. PendiĆ, J. Grahovac).
The UETS is responsible for the introduction of the Engineering Card project in Serbia in accordance with the provisions of the Agreement signed between the repre- sentatives of the FEANI and the UETS on October 2013. In order to make possible the implementation of this project in Serbia, on October 31st 2013 the Agreement on Cooperation was signed on the Issuance of the European Professional Card for engineers in the Republic of Serbia between the UETS and the National Council for Higher Education (NCHE) of the Republic of Serbia. The NCHE is an independent body, consisting mainly of university professors proposed by the Conference of Serbian Universities (CSU) and appointed by decision of the National Assembly. In close cooperation with the NCHE and State Universities the UETS started the implemen- tation of the project.

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