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The Union of Engineers and Technicians of Serbia organizes and conducts Specialist`s exams for engineers and technicians of three different technical disciplines. The candidates have to pass the exam in front of the Commissions appointed by the Ministry of Mining and Energy. Right to pass the Specialist`s Exams have the technicians, engineers and graduated engineers with two years of working experience on businesses for which the taking of Specialist`s exams is predicted.
The UETS has its Development Centre (DC)
In the course of 2014-2015 years the contributors of the DC UETS worked on the realization of two important projects:
1. Methodology for design and implementation of
Generalized HACCP System in waterworks (water
supply) organizations;
2. Providing of the safe and quality drinking water to the
population of Serbia - basic human right.
1. Long-term supply of the Serbian population with safe and quality drinking water, because clean drinking water and sanitation are essential to the realization of all human rights (UN Resolution 64/292, 28 July 2010).
2. Establishing a culture of savings and the ef cient and rational use of water in Serbia (population, different organizations / institutions), and thus create social awareness about sustainable use of water at all levels.
3. The knowledge improvement of employees in water- works organizations using basic postulates, and through them to improve the knowledge of population in local self-governments where the waterworks organizations carry out their activities.
4. Establishing and application of Generalized HACCP System in waterworks organizations in Serbia.
5. Development, preparation and organization of public events
6. Creation of necessary baseline documents for devel- opment of modern legislation in area of drinking water quality, harmonization with appropriate EU legislation and World Health Organization Guidelines for Drinking Water Quality.
Expected results of the projects:
1. Standardized documents (Infrastructure Documents; Logistic Support Documents; Documents of Prerequisite Programs; Documents of Generalized HACCP System; Documents for Training of Employees in Waterworks Organizations for Implementation of Generalized HACCP System) of Generalized HACCP Systems for various types of waterworks (water supply) organizations, which would be made available to waterworks organi- zations in Serbia, in order to implement the Generalized HACCP System.
2. The necessary material for public information (seminars, round tables, symposiums, press conferences, etc), interactive workshops, exhibitions and publishing for the following target groups: educational institu- tions, chambers of commerce, local self-governments, consumer organizations, professional organizations, government institutions, waterworks organizations.
3. Creating of the environment in which approved infor- mation will enable better collaboration and / or coordination of educational institutions, chambers of commerce, professional and non-governmental organi- zations, the business sector and government institutions in the  eld of drinking water, as well as promoting public participation in decision-making concerning the supply of population with safe and quality drinking water. This will allow a better understanding of future needs and solving of the problems of supply of the population with drinking water that is safe and of adequate quality.
4. Creation of SERBIAN program on the importance of drinking water ("Water Awareness") modeled on a similar program implemented in the EU.

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