Page 61 - Annual Report 2014-2015
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                          The Union of Engineers and Technicians of Serbia (UETS)
Year of Adhesion : 2007
Declared engineers: 3 280
Member associations: The UETS has individual members and 42 collective members in the Republic of Serbia: 20 republic’s professional associations, 7 republic’s multidisciplinary engineering-technicians’ associations, 1 provincial engineering- technicians’ association, 14 municipal and regional engineering-technicians’ associations.
Kneza Milosa 7a/I - SER-11000 Beograd - Republic of Serbia
Tel: + 381 11 3230067 - Fax: + 381 11 3230067
    Our main areas of work in 2014 - 2015 were:
1. CPD (organization of the congresses, conferences, scienti c meetings etc)
2. Publishing activity
3. Specialist’s exams
4. Various projects at national level
5. The implementation of the project EngineerING CARD
in Serbia
The UETS, in cooperation with universities, faculties, enter- prises, economic and professional associations, organized, in 2014 and 2015, various scienti c and professional meetings and held regular annual international symposium dedicated to water and wastewater systems, with the participation of representatives of water organizations, government institutions, educational institutions, non-governmental organizations, chambers of commerce and so on. The UETS collective members also organized their own meetings. For example, the United Association of Serbia for Quality (UASQ) organized regular annual International Convention on Quality. The UASQ is a full member of the European Organization for Quality (EOQ). Two Congresses PROCESSING and KGH-HVAC CONGRESS were held in the organization of
the Serbian Union of Electrical and Mechanical Engineers in 2014 and 2015. Another UETS collective member, the Union of Architects of Serbia, was in charge for the presen- tation of the Republic of Serbia on the Venice Biennale. The Serbian Planners Association organized and held two Urban Planners Exhibitions. The Association of Landscape Architects, collective member of UETS, organized and held two Landscape Architecture Exhibitions in 2014 and 2015.
The UETS publishes the magazine “Tehnika”. TEHNIKA is the leading Serbian scienti c and technical magazine covering areas from science and professional topics and it has been published for 71 years in a row. This journal is exchanged with foreign professional organizations, and distributed to the hundreds of collective subscribers (water supply organizations, chambers of commerce, government institutions, educational institutions, private companies, CSOs). The UETS collective members also publish their expert magazines: “KGH (Air-Conditioning, Heating, Cooling)”, “Procesna tehnika (Process Engineering)”, “Ecologica”, “Tekstilna industrija (Textile Industry)”, “Forum”, “Šumarska industrija (The Forestry Industry)”, “Zaštita materijala (Protection of Materials)”.

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