Page 56 - Annual Report 2014-2015
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                         Ordem dos Engenheiros
Year of Adhesion: 1954
Declared engineers: 31 000
Number of EUR INGs: 96
Member associations: The Portuguese FEANI committee was created in 1993, following an agreement signed between the Ordem Dos Engenheiros and the Ordem dos Engenheiros Técnicos. There is no formal coordination of the two institutions. Ordem Dos Engenheiros - Av. Antonio Augusto de Aguiar, 3-D - 1069-030 Lisboa Tel: +351 21 313 26 00 - Fax: +351 21 313 26 15
    Laws and regulations
During 2015, Portuguese authorities approved several important laws and regulations with signi cant impact on engineers’ professional lives:
1. Law 123/2015 - New professional bodies by-laws, ap-
proved in accordance with Law 2/2013, which estab- lished a new legal framework for the creation, organi- zation and operation of professional public associations;
2. Law 40/2015 - New professional quali cation scheme due to technical managers, including the project design and un- derwriting, project coordination, direction of public or pri- vate work, managerial oversight of public or private works:
3. Law 41/2015 - New legal framework for the exercise of construction activity.
4. Regulation 420/2015 of Ordem dos Engenheiros - List of professional engineering practices, organized by engi- neering specialty.
Professional Quali cation
We are consolidating the implementation of our continuous training accreditation system. Till now, a signi cant lot of providers and training initiatives have been applied in the system and have achieved positive results. Furthermore, we go on accomplishing our own CPD events, such as conferences, seminars, meetings or workshops.
International Mobility
Europe: As we give great importance to our membership in FEANI, it is under this federation that we want to continue acting predominantly on the international mobility of our members.
Other geographical areas: We also devote special attention to associations such as Portuguese speaking countries, Macao, African and Ibero-American countries, always with the objective of supporting the intervention of the Portuguese Engineering and promote the employability of Portuguese Engineers.
Engineering education.
Engineering teaching issues: We are strengthening relations and regular meetings with the universities and polytechnic schools, on engineering teaching issues.
High School level: In addition to the actions related to Engineering Schools, another area of operation continued in 2015 with the connection to the Secondary School. This initiative’s aim is to encourage the interest of students for engineering areas, captivating the attention of young people to them and making them feel the importance of engineering in human development.

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