Page 55 - Annual Report 2014-2015
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By the end of 2015 PFEA switched from paper into on-line Engineering Card application form. A new dedicated landing page was also launched. In cooperation with Technical Universities and Local Branches, PFEA is preparing a series of lectures for students and members of Engineering Associations, starting from 2016.
2015 – Jubilee Year for Polish Engineers
A year of 2015 was announced by the PFEA National Council a Jubilee Year for Polish Engineers. PFEA celebrated 180 years of foundation of the  rst Polish Engineering Association, 110 years of Warsaw House of Technician, 70th anniversary of establishing Polish Federation of Engineering Associations and 60th anniversary of foundation of Museum of Technology and Industry.
The Celebrations were inaugurated at Warsaw House of Technicians, Headquarters of Polish Federation of Engineering Associations, with the meeting of Polish Engineers from home and abroad. A series of other events were organized during the entire year all over Poland.
The Anniversary Celebrations ended in November with the Engineers’ Gala where one of PFEA guests was Mr. Dirk Bochar, Secretary General FEANI, who received Polish Federation of Engineering Associations’ Golden Badge of Honour. 

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