Page 54 - Annual Report 2014-2015
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                         Polish Federation of Engineering Associations
Year of Adhesion : 1992
Declared engineers: 51 000
Number of EUR INGs: 351
Member associations: "The Polish National Member of FEANI, i.e. the Polish Federation of Engineering Associations (PFEA) as well as its Member Associations function on the basis of and in accordance with the Polish Law on Associations (Act of April 7 1989). Polish Federation of Engineering Associations is a non-governmental and self- nancing organization, which does not get subsidies from the government."
ul.Czackiego 3/5 - PL-00 043 Warszawa
Tel: +48 22 3361 260 - Fax: +48 22 3361 481
    FEANI Annual Business Meetings
In October, 2014 Polish Federation of Engineering Associations had the honor to host the FEANI delegates as the events took place in Gdańsk, Poland. Firstly, in cooper- ation with Gdańsk University of Technology the two-day Conference was held at their premises on the subject of ‘Education of Engineers - Key Task for the Successful European Future’. Next we had Engineering Card Meeting followed by the National Members Forum and FEANI Executive Board Meeting. The entire day of activities
ended with a Gala Dinner held at the beautiful Medieval Castle in Gniew. On Friday, October 9, FEANI General Assembly was held at Gdańsk House of Technician, PFEA local branch.
During 4 days of events 26 FEANI Member Countries were represented, with a total of 96 delegates.
During the GA it was decided that the next General Assembly will take place in Lisbon, Portugal (8-10 October).
In October 2015 the delegation of Mrs. Ewa Mańkiewicz- Cudny, President of Polish Federation of Engineering Associations and Mr. Józef Suchy, Vice-President of Polish Federation of Engineering Associations attended FEANI Annual Business Meetings in Lisbon, Portugal.
EURING Title and Engineering Card
In the period between 2014-2015 thirty eight new Polish engineers were awarded the EURING title. By the end of 2015 there were 355 Polish engineers with the EURING title. In 2014-15 another 31 Polish Engineers were granted the Engineering Card.

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