Page 53 - Annual Report 2014-2015
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   The Norwegian NMC has had three meetings during 2015 and has processed 2 EUR ING applications. Both were accepted as EUR INGs. The NMC has also invited employers and EUR ING title members to participate in a survey to get an overview over continuing professional activities (CPD) throughout the engineers in Europe.
Norway has been accepted for automatic update of the FEANI Index. In 2015, more than 150 courses have been entered into the FEANI Index. Due to several universities in Norway are merging, this process will continue throughout 2016.
Aiming to save 400 000 lives a year
Every year, 3 million newborn infants and 280 000 women die during childbirth for reasons that could easily be prevented. Engineer Tor Inge Garvik of Lærdal Global Health develops simulation equipment that is used in training midwives and other childbirth attendants.
“Simulation is an established part of the process of devel- oping expertise in well-resourced health services. The products developed by Laerdal Global Health give midwives in countries with fewer resources access to this very ef cient
method of learning, and helps them build the con dence they need to tackle dif cult situations during and after a birth,” Tore Inge tells us. The birthing simulator looks like a bag that you can attach around your waist. The inside of the bag contains a copy of a woman's uterus with a baby doll inside. The person playing the part of the birthing mother can twist and turn the doll and simulate a birth.
Other examples of the company’s products include oxygen masks to enable newborn infants to start breathing, a breastfeeding simulator, a heart rate monitor, and simulators for learning how to help newborn infants to breathe themselves (NeoNatalie) and to care for premature infants (PreemieNatalie). Laerdal Global Health received the world’s most important design prize, the Index: Award, in 2013 for MamaNatalie.
Other FEANI activity
Trond Markussen, the president of NITO is also a Member of the FEANI Executive Board. One of the NMC members is also an active participant in EMC (Eli Haugerud). FEANI North has had a meeting in Copenhagen Sept 2015 to discuss how to interact with each other and support FEANI activities. 

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