Page 49 - Annual Report 2014-2015
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                          Maltese Chamber of Engineers
Year of Adhesion : 1978
Declared engineers: 700
Number of EUR INGs: 195
Member associations: There are 5 Member Associations in Malta, among which the Chamber of Engineers, the Engineering Board or the Faculty of Engineering at the University of Malta.
Professional Centre - Sliema Road - GZIRA GZR 1633, Malta Tel: +356 2133 4858 - Fax: +356 2134 7118
    Communications and Public Relations
The Chamber continued to provide members with a regular Events & Opportunities circular, a monthly e-newsletter, and updated information on its website. It also published its quarterly magazine called Engineering Today.
Yearly activities
On the 21st of May 2015, the Chamber organized its 23rd Annual Engineering Conference with the theme: “Energy and Transport”. On the 8th December 2015, the Chamber organized the 14th edition of the Malta Engineering Excellence Awards.
Ethics and the engineering profession
Aware of the fact that some engineers are not complying with the Code of Professional Ethics, the Ethics and Disciplinary Committee of the Chamber conducted a survey among the members of the Chamber regarding ethics within the profession. A seminar for the members of the Chamber was organized on the 30th October 2015 to discuss the  ndings of the survey and to give more information and guidance to members on the interpretation of the Code.
Professional development of Engineers
A subcommittee of the Council was set up within the Chamber to draft a white paper in relation to the implemen- tation and promotion of Continual Professional Development in our profession in line with the initial guidance document issued by the Federation of Professional Associations (Malta) following the introduction of the Services Directive by the EU.
The Chamber and the EU
The Chamber met of cials of the Engineering Board and of the Ministry of Transport and Infrastructure to discuss alleged infringements arising from the Engineering Profession Act, the law that regulates the engineering profession in Malta, regarding the de nition of ‘Partnership of warrant holders’ and the issue of set tariffs. These had been considered by the EU Commission as infringements and barriers to the concept of free trade with the EU.
International activities
During 2015 there were a number of international activities that the Chamber of Engineers was involved in with the most important being the FEANI General Assembly that this year

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