Page 48 - Annual Report 2014-2015
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                         Engineering Institution of Macedonia
Year of Adhesion : 2010
Declared engineers: 3 597
Member associations:
16 - Dame Gruev 14a - 1000 Skopje, Macedonia tel: +3892 3229 040 - fax: +3892 3296 266
     The main activity of the Engineering Institution is the awarding ceremony held on Plaoshnik, Ohrid where the best graduated students in engineering are awarded with a gold engineering ring with the logo of the Engineering Institution. The
number of the awarded engineers is constantly increasing, since the number of the new faculties in Macedonia is rapidly growing. His Excellency Djordje Ivanov, the president of the Republic of Macedonia is the patron of this awarding.
We have released to issues of the magazine “Engineering” is the last two years, our President and Secretary General have been guests in few TV and radio debates about “The necessity of the engineering staff in Macedonia”.
The Engineering Institution has become richer with a few new engineering associations:
3. FUEL Fuel
4. Utilization Energy Lubricant and
5. Association for Information and Communication
Technologies ICTACT
Today the Engineering Institution consists of 16 associations of engineers of different categories.
Our future key activity is the issuing of the Engineering Card which we have not been able yet to do. We are actively seeking help and support from the other countries that already use it. One of the major challenges in front of us is the recognition of Macedonian diplomas of the engineers who work in Europe after graduating in Macedonia, and in this context we are very satis ed with our cooperation with FEANI. 

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