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 Participants of this agreement along with the Kazakhstan Association of engineering education KAZSEE became: Association of engineering education of Kyrgyzstan, Society of engineering education of the city of Tashkent and Council for accreditation at Association of graduates of the Tajik technical university (TPI). Formation of the regional organization of engineering communities will promote improvement of quality of engineering education, increase of competitiveness of experts, mutual recognition of quali cations of engineering shots, thereby providing professional mobility of engineers.
Support by the European network on ensuring quality of ENAEE of the given initiative of creation of uniform educational space with the subsequent mutual recog- nition of quali cation will allow stirring up activity of the Kazakhstan Association of engineering education as only structure which has the right to be the member of this organization. Thus, on the basis of the Kazakhstan Association of Engineering Education creates the uniform platform that integrates both the European Community, represented by the European Network for Quality Assurance in Engineering Education and the Central Asian region.
Tasks of the Hudzhandsky Agreement are completely correlated with strategic problems of the State program of industrial and innovative development throughout 2015-2019 where preparation of a highly quali ed competitive personnel and con rmation of their quali - cation are priority tasks. Khujand SPIID 2. In the period from 20 to 24 September 2015, Florence hosted the World Forum for Engineering Education - a unique platform for the discussion of topical issues of training for technical and engineering specialties. Traditionally, the Forum brings together expert engineering community in more than 130 countries.
The modern development of Kazakhstan under the Plan of the Nation - "100 Steps"
"The Modern State for all" is a question of high-tech economy, in connection with the question of improving the quality of human capital and of engineering education, which, in turn, calls for effective implementation of the State program of industrial-innovative development SPIID 2 for the preparation of certi ed personnel for engineering graduates by international standards. SPIID 2 provides
connectivity between science and sectors of the economy on the basis of 10 universities of Kazakhstan, to which the University Consortium was created.
The delegation of the Consortium of universities to train specialists within SPIID-2 headed by the President of the Kazakhstan Society of Engineering Education (KAZSEE), rector of the Kazakh National University named after Al-Farabi Galimkair Mutanov participated in the World Forum on Engineering Education. The purpose of the visit - to attract international organizations to strengthen cooperation with the European Network for Accreditation of Engineering Programs ENAEE, the International Federation of Engineering Education Societies IFEES and the International Society for Engineering Education IGIP and the signing of memorandums of cooperation with these reputable organizations. For the members of the consortium - rectors of universities of Kazakhstan these organizations held a seminar on the quality of engineering education. As part of the integration into the Bologna process also met members of the Kazakh consortium with the Conference of Rectors of Italy, which will give a new impetus to the development and promotion of the Kazakh- Italian cooperation.
Participation in this forum has enabled the Consortium to establish contacts with the above internationally renowned organizations, to explore and learn from their experience in the implementation of SPIID-2. As part of the agreements reached at the universities of Kazakhstan will be new opportunities for the accreditation of educational programs in technical and natural science professions by assigning a European mark EUR-ACE, as well as the certi - cation of experts on international standards.
Seminar "Quality in engineering education: problems and prospects".
In June 26-27, 2015 KAZSEE on the premises of the Kazakh National University named after Al-Farabi was held a workshop - Training on "Quality Assurance Issues in Engineering Education in Kazakhstan: problems and prospects". The work was attended by experts of univer- sities in Almaty, Pavlodar. 

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