Page 45 - Annual Report 2014-2015
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                          Kazakhstan Association of Engineering Education (KAZSEE)
Year of Adhesion : 2015
Microdistrict 1/36 - 050062 Almaty - Kazakhstan Tel: +77272211462
    During the period 2014-2015 year Kazakhstan Engineering Education Association held an event dedicated to the 16 issues of accreditation and certi cation of engineering personnel. A particularly important event was the Message from the Head of State to people of Kazakhstan and it was discussed at the enlarged meeting of the Kazakhstan Association of Engineering Education KAZSEE.
As noted by KAZSEE experts, President's speech is an important anti-crisis program, the key to overcome the new global challenges and to further develop a dynamic Kazakh society. Kazakhstan has to restore economic growth in order to join the 30 most developed countries of the world through increased private initiatives, the implementation of institutional reforms and effective modernization of all spheres of society.
The development of professional engineering education and enhancement of the prestige of working professions will contribute to a new project for the implementation of free and universal vocational education.
The president of KAZSEE, the academician Mutanov G. held a speech at the  rst Forum of the British and Kazakhstan universities. The  rst forum of Kazakhstan and British universities was held in London with participation of the
leadership of the Ministries of education and science of the UK and Kazakhstan, November 2nd, 2015. Convened at the initiative of the Ministry of Education and Science of Kazakhstan and with the support of the Ministry of Business, Innovation and Skills of the UK, the British Council and UK Trade & Investment, the forum became a unique platform for exchange of experience for 35 Kazakh and 32 British universities, the  rst leaders of which discussed the prospects of cooperation in the implementation of international education programs. During the meeting they discussed the possibility of training of Kazakhstani specialists for priority projects of the National Plan “100 concrete steps” and the state program of industrial and innovative development at leading universities in the UK. The forum allowed representatives of the national universities to present the export potential of Kazakhstan segment of education and hold bilateral meetings with British counterparts. About 100 negotiations were organized on further cooperation of the British and Kazakh universities. A number of documents were signed following the results of the forum. There was a memorandum of cooperation between the Ministry of Education and Science of Kazakhstan, Nazarbayev University and the University of Cambridge. Similar memoranda were signed by other national, public and private universities in the two countries.

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