Page 37 - Annual Report 2014-2015
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 • Facilitate the development of DVT into a platform for communication and information exchange of all its member associations.
In May 2016, VDI participated in a survey organized by ECEC with the goal to collect statistical information on the regulation of the engineering profession in the different European countries.
Although VDI was not addressed directly by the ECEC it did participate in the survey.
VDI’s position on the CTF is clear: A CTF can be a suitable instrument to create a common standard for engineering education in Europe, thus supporting recognition and mobility. A CTF, however, must not lead to a monopoly of the chambers on the question, who is an engineer.
On 1 September 2015, FEANI, U. Porto and several engineering associations joined VDI in a project to develop a system for the documentation and validation of non-formal and informal learning of engineers as an add-on to the engineering card.
So far, the work of the project team has created the following outcomes:
- DRAFT process for the documentation and evaluation
- DRAFT concept giving an introduction to the project,
providing background information on non-formal and informal learning, and describing the methodology of the process, and
- DRAFT glossary with de nitions of relevant terms.
The next phase will see the integration of these different parts into one single concept. This DRAFT concept will then form the basis for several multiplier events with the relevant stakeholder groups from the business, the unions, and the European political level.
The second project phase after the  nalization of the concept will have its focus on the preparation of implemen- tation and (if possible) implementation of the concept into the existing engineering card system.

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