Page 35 - Annual Report 2014-2015
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                          Ingénieurs et Scienti ques de France (IESF)
Year of Adhesion : 1951
Declared engineers: 160 000
Number of EUR INGs: 2 740
Member associations: More than 140 associations are CNISF' members. These can be found in the IESF website.
7 rue Lamennais - F-75008 Paris
Tel: + 33 1 44 13 66 88 - Fax: + 33 1 42 89 82 50
      Thanks to the large number, as well as the diversity, of its members, partners and af liates, IESF is an exceptional source of information and knowledge. IESF makes engineers’ voice heard on important issues such as the impact of new technologies, the evolution of conducts and expertise of engineers or the foreseen adaptation of initial and continuing education. Also IESF highlights the very important role of engineers and scientists for economic and durable national growth.
In 2015 IESF has organized for the 3rd time the national event “Engineer’s Day”, gathering more than 5000 participants from all over the country. The active role and implication of French engineers and scientists for the competitiveness and economical recovery of France was put into perspective and a wide review of the impact of technological evolution in all industrial sectors and on the future perspectives for engineers was made.
Like every year IESF realized its national survey of engineers issued from engineering schools certi ed by the CTI (Commission for Engineers Diplomas). This survey enables to better understand career evolution and opportu- nities, professional and personal sources of satisfaction as well as the conditions offered to French engineers abroad. The survey also analyzes the status and conditions of women engineers inside companies. The study came out with an interesting view on the way new technologies impact the methods of working of engineers and has led to know in more details some innovative and entrepreneurial initiatives of engineers.
IESF has continued its mission of promotion of the French scienti c and engineering education system to young college students throughout presentations by experienced engineers all over the country. This represents about 1000 interventions in colleges per year with an audience of more than 38 000 students – of which 18 000 females.
IESF also realizes many actions aimed at public decision makers, professors, political leaders, companies and general public. As an example, a White Paper presenting ‘’8 proposals for the economic recovery of France’’ was published. 

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