Page 32 - Annual Report 2014-2015
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                         Estonian Association of Engineers
Year of Adhesion : 1995
Declared engineers: 911
Number of EUR INGs: 43
Member associations: EAE comprises all the major engineering institutions in Estonia, and represents Estonian engineers in the matters of importance to the engineering profession as a whole. The major institutions, the founder members of the EAE, are the Estonian Association of Civil Engineers and the Society of Estonian Mechanical Engineers.
Liivalaia 9, EE-10118 - TALLINN
Tel: + 372 6303 130 - Fax: + 372 6313 884 -
    Estonian Association of Engineers is a non-pro t organi- zation, acting in public interests. The Association is an umbrella organization, bringing together the professional organizations of engineers, trainers of engineers and innovative employers, and all those interested in developing the engineering knowledge and technology.
Membership of the Estonian Association of Engineers comprises 11 professional organizations, 2 universities, 1 higher school, 1 professional education institution and 4 companies of stature:
1. Estonian Society for Biomedical Engineering and Medical Physics
2. Estonian Association of Civil Engineers
3. Estonian Society for Electrical Power Engineering
4. Estonian Transport and Roads Association
5. Estonian Association of Engineers for Heat Engineering 6. Estonian Mining Society
7. Estonian Association of Systems Engineers
8. Põlva Association of Engineers
9. Estonian Electronics Society
10. Estonian Association of Mechanical Engineers
11. Tallinn University of Technology
12. Estonian University of Life Sciences
13. Tallinn University of Applied Sciences
14. KH Energia-Konsult
15. Viru Keemia Grupp AS
16. ÅF-Consulting AS
17. Gra tek OÜ
18. AS Amhold
19. Tallinn Polytechnic School
In the reporting years, one general meeting and six meetings of the Board were held. The priority in activities has been assigned to valuation of engineering education and engineer’s profession.
The key areas were related to the RESEARCH AND TECHNOLOGY PACT (PACT), focusing on the activity, involving the concerned parties and local self-government.

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