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Moreover, we see that this quali cation strengthens our competitive position. Since these engineers were awarded Since the  rst Chartered Engineers were quali ed, the interest has been overwhelming, both from companies and individual engineers.
The titles Chartered Engineer (CEng) and Incorporated Engineer (IEng) can only be awarded to an engineer with a minimum of 5 years of work experience, who has a track record of continuous professional development and has been successfully peer reviewed.
Prins Friso Ingenieursprijs / Engineer of the year 2015
For years KIVI has awarded the Engineer of the Year prize to engineers who distinguish themselves in their work by innovative power, entrepreneurship, personality and societal impact. The winner can call himself Engineer of the Year for the whole year. With this award, KIVI provides engineers a platform and supports dialogue with and between engineers. The KIVI Engineer of the Year award highlights the value of engineers to society.
Since 2015 the prize bears the name Prince Friso Engineering Prize. Prince Friso was Prince of the Netherlands. He studied mechanical and aerospace engineering. In his work Prince Friso combined his engineering skills with its  nancial and economic insight. He stood at the intersection of engineering and society, and in connection with innovation and valori- zation. Prince Friso was a very valued member of KIVI and held a passionate argument in 2004 at the annual KIVI conference, with the theme "Market Success of innovation".
Allard van Hoeken, at that time head of new energy at Bluewater Energy Systems, won the  rst Prince Friso Engineering Prize and was awarded Engineer of the year 2015. "Van Hoeken knows how to book interna- tional successes by combining technical innovation with commercial insight. He can also passionately convince and inspire others to make the switch from traditional energy to renewable energy, "said jury chairperson Micaela dos Ramos, Executive Director of KIVI.
Throughout the year Allard van Hoeken acted as ambas- sador of the engineering profession.

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