Page 29 - Annual Report 2014-2015
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  in Denmark are  exible and can develop their skills while working in Denmark. IDA offers e.g. personal guidance concerning career development and offers different types of courses in order to provide engineers and scientists with updated information about a wide range of subjects relevant for the professional and personal development.
Cooperation with governmental bodies
IDA is actively contributing to the development of the national and international policies within the labor market, education, innovation and research. IDA has e.g. worked actively by developing an optimal framework for production technology. The rather large number of SMV’s in Denmark
have successfully integrated production technology and by doing so increased their productivity signi cantly.
Professional networks
IDA has put an emphasis on developing the app 45 profes- sional engineering networks in order to facilitate the exchange of new technological knowledge and experience. The professional networks are a huge success for gathering the engineers and for providing engineers with the possibility to network by meeting other engineering and scientists.
IDA is playing the leading role in the globalization of the academic professions in Denmark. This is carried out within three main areas:
1. International engineers and scientists coming to Denmark 2. Danish engineers working abroad
3. Engineers and scientists working in a global context in
Danish companies.
  IDA has set the ambitious goal that 10% of the members shall be international engineers by 2020. The growth in professional meetings and conferences conducted in English has therefore increased signi cantly. At the same time IDA is cooperating closely with the Danish ministries, international organizations and other relevant authorities about raising awareness and making it more interesting and easier for international engineers and scientists to work in Denmark.. 

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