Page 27 - Annual Report 2014-2015
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 Youth and Sports of the Czech Republic, Ministry of Industry and Trade, Ministry of Labour and Social Affairs, industries, engineering societies and technical university students about the signi cance of the quality management system of high quality engineering degree programs in accordance with the European Higher Education Area (EHEA) within the framework of European Network for Accreditation of Engineering Education (ENAEE). President of ENAEE Prof. Dr. Bernard Remaud and President of the Polish Accreditation Commission of Universities of Technology Bohdan Macukov were invited to the round-table discussions to give keynote lectures.
In 2015, the ČSVTS in cooperation with the partner organi- zation Guarant International, Czech Republic, prepared a proposal for organizing of the World Engineering Conference and Convention (WECC2023) in Prague in 2023.With this intention of addressing lots of renowned national and foreign institutions, the ČSVTS gained their support, including individual member organizations of FEANI and their President. The proposal of the ČSVTS was submitted by delegates of the Czech Republic doc. Ing. Daniel Hanus, CSc., EUR ING and prof Ing Jaromír Volf DrSc. at the WFEO General Assembly held in Japan's Kyoto on December 4th 2015 which was unanimously accepted and therefore the ČSVTS was entrusted to organize the most signi cant world's meeting of engineers.
The Czech National Committee in cooperation with the Czech Chamber of Certi ed Engineers and Technicians Active in Construction continued the preparation towards the estab- lishing of the accreditation agency authorized to award the European quality label of EUR-ACE® in 2015.
In December 2015, the Czech National Committee for FEANI in cooperation with the Confederation of Industry of the Czech Republic held a workshop "Professional Engineer – The Holder of Technical Innovations". The goal of the workshop was to inform employers and other interested persons about the existing FEANI system providing the assessment of the professional quality of graduates of technical engineering programs and their readiness for doing their jobs complying
with the requirements for practice, and to inform of tools to enable the employers to gain credible information of engineering competences of individual persons interested in obtaining the position of engineer. Representatives of the Government of the Czech Republic and Ministry of Education, Youth and Sports, delegates of technical universities, Human Resources Managers, delegates of the Czech Chamber and engineering societies of the ČSVTS took part in the workshops. 

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