Page 25 - Annual Report 2014-2015
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                          FEANI Cyprus National Committee
Year of Adhesion : 1970
Declared engineers: 2 200
Number of EUR INGs: 84
Member associations: Following the discussions between the Technical Chamber
of Cyprus (ETEK), Cyprus Civil Engineers and Architects Association (CCEAA) and the Cyprus Professional Engineers Association (CPEA), aiming at the best representation of Cyprus internationally, it was agreed that ETEK will assume the representation of Cyprus in FEANI. Furthermore, it has been decided to restructure the Cyprus National FEANI Committee so as to consist of 8 members: 4 representatives of ETEK, 2 of the CPEA and 2 of the CCEAA.
8, Kerverou Street - P.O.Box: 21826
1513 Nicosia, Cyprus
Tel: + 357 22 877644 - Fax: + 357 22 730373 -
    The Candidate Support Project (CSP) has been founded in 2012 based on the EPO cooperation roadmap, and ETEK is a member of the CSP National Working Group.
The cooperation within the CSP includes the project “STS-Med: Small scale Solar units for Mediterranean communities”. According to the project presentation, STS-Med intends to spread out the advantages from the adoption of pioneering solar technologies to improve energy ef ciency in public buildings through four demonstrative plants, based on concen- trating solar systems, in Cyprus, Italy, Jordan and Egypt.
Regarding the Cyprus Pilot, the integration of the Fresnel collector on the HVAC of the Novel Technologies Laboratory will be performed by Air Control, which was awarded the corresponding open tender. This integration involves the connection of the Fresnel collector to the absorption chiller already on site. A thermal collector will ensure the production of chilled water for 2 hours (100 kW thermal) with no heat input from the Sun. The Fresnel collector is programmed to be installed in the beginning of July 2016. (As per STS Med - Newsletter N°10).

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