Page 22 - Annual Report 2014-2015
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16. National Forum - “Challenges and opportunities for development of regions” 2015
17. XII International Congress “Machines, technologies, materials”
18. XI National Exhibition with international participation: Foods, beverages, new technologies and software products for food industry
19. XIII National conference with international participation on open and underwater mining
20. National conference with international participation “Electronica 2014”, May 2014
21. International Symposium on Electrical Apparatus and Technologies SIELA 2014, May 2014
22. 10th International Conference “E-beam Technology EBT 2014”, June 2014
23. National forum “Electrical engineering and Electronics”, September 2014
The main future key-activities (priorities) of the Federation of Scienti c and Engineering Unions in Bulgaria will be in the same framework. The majority of our events
are traditional and take place on annual basis. We shall celebrate this year the 75th - Anniversary of the Higher Engineering Education in Bulgaria, so the accent will be put on the challenges and future aspects of engineering and technical education in Bulgaria. We are expecting more information about EU tenders and tendering procedures and the opportunities as FEANI members to participate collectively in the process.

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