Page 20 - Annual Report 2014-2015
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conceptual education (ir.) in the same domain, asks for elaboration and clari cation. Clari cation, not only within the professional organizations, but also with the involved stakeholders at least: the sector of education, the profes- sional organizations, the representatives from the employers’ side and the governmental representatives. The goal is to bring this topic to a common discussion and research, to a level relevant for society, transcending the individual interests.
CIBIC tries to make European topics interesting for Belgium and Belgian topics interesting for Europe. One topic seems to be of special interest: the evolution of measuring and validating the competences of an engineer. In Belgium we are strongly based on diploma recognition. The ‘continuous learning or CPD‘ and ‘experience’ are getting more and more important in the validation process. Some countries in the FEANI family have more experience with this approach. Europe is clearly directing in the approach “diploma – Life Long Learning – experience”. Isn’t this a challenge for Belgium with a lot of opportunities? We can imagine there will be a strong evolution regarding this topic in the near future. We may expect this topic is of common interest to Belgian stakeholders and for Europe, as a uni er of differences.
This goal creates another and not so evident challenge for CIBIC: the de nition and gathering of the stakeholders in the engineering environment. Elaborating a list of organi- zations would be a good start, but reveals to be a real challenge.
In conclusion: our organization follows ambitious plans in spite of restricted means, whilst being mostly based on voluntary work.

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