Page 18 - Annual Report 2014-2015
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 Max Fabiani – 150th birthday
Together with the Slovenian Embassy the Austrian Society of Engineers and Architects commemorated Max Fabiani’s 150th anniversary in 2015. Max Fabiani was a famous Slovenian architect who maintained good relations with Vienna, where he completed his studies and held a profes- sorship at the Technical University.
The architect, urban planner, inventor and thinker designed a variety of buildings in Vienna and thus contributed many landmarks, collaborating for example with Otto Koloman Wagner, also known for his lasting impact on the appearance of Vienna.
The Max Fabiani commemorative year was celebrated with events and an exhibition to be seen in Ljubljana and later on in Vienna. Life and work of Fabiani were presented and admired during a ceremony hosted by the Slovenian Embassy in Vienna together with the OIAV. This solemn event was held in the splendid hall of the so-called “Ingenieurhaus” (House of Engineers) and marked the end of all celebrations taking place in 2015 in honour of Max Fabiani.
Apart from the above mentioned events and activities of the OVE as well as the OIAV, the Austrian National Committee applied for the approval to update the FEANI Index and participated in the discussion concerning the new engineers’ law. 

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