Page 17 - Annual Report 2014-2015
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New platform GMAR
OIAV, OVE and OCG (Austrian Computer Society) founded the “Society of Measurement, Automation Control and Robotics” (GMAR – Gesellschaft für Mess-, Automatisierungs- und Robotertechnik). This Austrian platform sees itself as a holistic representation of all people, companies and institu- tions (research, scienti c, educational) working in and being interested in these areas.
A solemn kick off-event with speakers from academia and industry took place on the 8th of June 2015, to mark the establishing of GMAR.
femOVE – the women’s platform within the OVE – has been successfully re-introduced and is in upswing due to various events and activities. 2015 proved to be a very successful year for femOVE as the membership base had been increased in this period by 30%. New initiatives and partnerships have been successfully launched. Two of the network’s meetings, each including lectures and visits, were very well attended and accepted with great enthusiasm. Apart from that, regular gatherings as well as a business breakfast were organized.
Within the framework of “”, the video-platform run by the OVE, various events and projects have been organized in order to give young people an insight into the fascinating world of science and technology. During the reporting period the platform has promoted activities such as its third video competition for pupils and students who were asked to submit entertaining, understandable and well- founded science videos.
New section within OIAV
Upon the initiative of Prof. Dr. Heinz Brandl, president of the Austrian Society of Engineers and Architects, the OIAV founded its new section „Building Automation“. A kick-off event focusing on the future importance of building automation in general took place in late autumn 2015. About 150 interested people attended the event which showed in particular that with good projects the interaction of applications, detailed design, construction, operation and maintenance are of key importance.

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