Page 16 - Annual Report 2014-2015
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                         Österreichischer Ingenieur-und Architekten-Verein
Year of Adhesion: 1951
Declared engineers: 5 000
Number of EUR INGs: 437
Member associations: The Austrian National Committee for FEANI connects with the following Member Associations: Österreichischer Ingenieur-und Architekten-Verein (ÖIAV), Verband Österreichischer Ingenieure (VÖI), Österreichischer Verband für Elektrotechnik (ÖVE)
Eschenbachgasse 9 - AT-1010 Wien
Tel: + 43 1 5873 536-0 - Fax: + 43 1 370 58 06 333 of -
    Refurbishment of historical “House of Engineers and Architects” – completion of the second building phase
For the Austrian FEANI National Committee the main project in the reporting period 2014/2015 has been the completion of the second refurbishment phase of our “House of Engineers and Architects”. Owned by the Austrian Society of Engineers and Architects (OIAV), the “House of Engineers and Architects” is one of the most signi cant palaces along Vienna's Ringstrasse. It was built by Otto Thienemann in 1870 – 72 based on the
model of English club houses which were inspired by the Italian Renaissance.
During the second phase of refurbishment (completed by the middle of 2014) the staircase, the ancient lift and the attic have been restored and respectively expanded. Apart from that the front facade has undergone a renovation.
The restored attic area is now used as headquarters of the OVE – Austrian Electrotechnical Association.
On September 30th in 2014 the two associations OIAV and OVE of cially celebrated the re-opening of the “House of Engineers and Architects” which has successfully been restored to its original glory. Numerous national as well as international guests have attended the ceremony.

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