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 to date for their respective country. It is their task to check whether the engineering courses in their country ful l the (Input-oriented) FEANI-Index criteria and/or the (Outcome- oriented) EUR-ACE criteria. EMC is no longer checking single courses, but monitoring the work of the NMCs and ensuring that FEANI quality criteria are observed. Next to a regular reporting by NMCs, Audits will be done every  ve years to enable EMC to get a deep look into the work of each NMC. After a successful Audit the NMC gets permission to update the Index for  ve years. EMC feels con dent that this procedure will help to come to an updated Index in short time. More than 1/3 of the FEANI members are already following the new procedure.
It is obvious that a much closer communication between NMCs and EMC seems to be necessary to run the system. For that EMC de nes “ambassadors” in the way that every EMC member acts as contact person for two or three NMCs. The responsibilities are shown in the following table:
The second EMC priority is to look for possibilities to reframe the EUR-ING title and the engineering card concept. In fact it is necessary to increase the number of issued cards as well as EUR-ING titles suf ciently. For that it is important to get support by industry as well as to look for cooperation agreements with universities. FEANI and its members should use this opportunity that is pro ling itself towards these important stakeholders. Additionally it is important to develop the engineerING card system to hold a
forward-looking system in place – much more related to the demand of the labour-market than the professional card as described in the directive. Due to that it is under discussion how to develop more possibilities to document and validate the CPD-activities.
EMC is looking for possibilities to bring the EUR ING title and the engineering card concepts together. This implies the investigation of possibilities to establish a common training platform for engineers as described in article 49a of the new directive on the recognition of professional quali cations.
Concerning the EUR-ING title the new electronic appli- cation form has been successfully implemented in all FEANI countries. It will help EMC as well as NMCs and the FEANI secretariat to handle the applications more ef ciently. EMC has  nished the revision of the “FEANI CPD code and policy” and ran a CPD questionnaire for employers and EUR-INGs. The results are published on the FEANI website and will be presented in May 2016 in Porto. The survey will help to de ne more FEANI activities in the  eld of CPD. 
engineerING card
programmes ful lling the FEANI requirements
engineers graduated in a programme listed in the FEANI Index
engineers graduated in a programme listed in the FEANI Index and ful lling the FEANI requirements for professional experience and cpd

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