Page 14 - Annual Report 2014-2015
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Mr. Lars FUNK, Chair of the EMC
Malcolm Booth (UK)
Giovanni Cardinale (IT) Anastasios Chatzidakis (GR) Christoph Gemperle (CH)
Lars Funk (DE)
Eli Haugerud (NO)
Gabriel Henriest (FR)
Marco Jagodic (SI)
Monica Normark (SE)
Damien Owens (IE)
Carsten Eckhart Thomsen (DK) Gabriele Schachinger (AT) David Sedano (ES)
Alfredo Soeiro (PT)
Karel de Wever (BE)
The European Monitoring Committee is concerned with a couple of important projects. The most important ones are the Implementation of the new Index-Update-Procedure and the Reframing of the EUR ING title and the engineering card.
The procedure for updating the FEANI INDEX was changed in the last year. This was so important because the Index is on the one hand the most popular product of FEANI, on the other hand we all know that the Index is not up to date, which means that engineering programs in many countries are not listed in the Index although they ful ll the FEANI criteria for engineering courses. To hold the Index up to date is not an easy task, considering the number of new Bachelor and Master Programs every year. In the past EMC checked every single course before it was added to the Index. Obviously this is not a suitable procedure to handle thousands of courses in Europe.
The procedure is now working in the way that the National Monitoring Committees are responsible to hold the index up
United Kingdom
Italy, Romania
Greece, Cyprus Switzerland, Serbia Germany, Luxembourg Norway, Iceland, Estonia France
Slovenia, Hungary, Bulgaria Sweden
Ireland, Poland
Denmark, Finland
Austria, Slovakia
Spain, Russia, Croatia, Macedonia Portugal, Ukraine
Belgium, Netherlands, Czech Republic
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